House Removal & Moving Tips

Moving home can be a happy, emotional and stressful time. Our aim is to offer a friendly and reliable service, which is designed to make you move as smooth and as painless as possible, whether your moving a few items or a full house we have it covered

Moving Tips

1 Label everything
Label all sides of your boxes, this way you will be able to identify them if they are stacked, and we will know if they are fragile or heavy to take extra care. Alternatively you could always enlist a color-coding sytem, like batroom blue, living room brown, and bedroom 1 pink ect. This will make unloading items into your new home much quicker and will be more efficient.
2. Prepare a moving day pack
We all know moving day is not only stressfull but time consuming an tiring. It is a good idea to have prepared a overnight bag with your every day essintials at hand for you and your family. 
3. Start selling on ebay
Once you begin packing your possesions, you will find you have lots of items you no longer want. Dont just give them away start selling on ebay, gumtree, a few weeks before moving day, and make some money towards your move.
4. Disconect kitchen equipment
Remember to defrost the freezer the day before the move and disconect the washing maching and get rid of any eccess water you dont want it trailing all through your new home.
5. Taking measurments
Everything you own may fit wonderfully in your current home, but it may not in your new one. It can be easy to make assumptions and forget to measure, so be sure to set aside some time to do it. Make an appointment at the new place, if necessary, to be absolutely certain your furniture will fit the way you want it. All you need to bring is a tape measure and the measurements of your furniture.